I quit a six-figure job to be a Purpose Chaser. God gave me a dream and a phrase: “I have a purpose.” I was an engineering student at the time with no business experience, a tight budget, and no clue where to start. I bought some vinyl, a few Hobby Lobby t-shirts, and a heat press, and I went to work. 


I started this brand in the living room of my college apartment, hand-making each shirt. My friends were my salespeople, models, photographers, marketing team, AND customers! A few years later, we’ve gained over 20,000 supporters, opened a location in the mall, and provided jobs to teenagers and young-adults in our community. Was the journey perfect? Absolutely not, but it has to start somewhere.


God has called you to do something no one else in this world can do. If you’re called, you’re capable. So just start! We‘ll be right here to support you as you fulfill your perfect purpose.


Enjoy the journey,

Sean Gilbert